UK based artist and musician.

This site is dedicated to the artwork that I create under the moniker ‘SeventhBell’.

I am interested in working with Metal bands to create unique artworks/flyers/logos/shirt designs etc.

CONTACT: seventhbell@hotmail.com



One thought on “AbouT/ContacT

  1. Hi Jack
    Would be great if you could show your work to my graphics students (maybe this website, or t-shirts, flyers you’ve made etc?). I’m sure they’d be interested and although they won’t be designing for a similar genre of music it would provide a nice contrast to what they’re doing for me. Also, if you were able to show some examples of your working methods sometime (most of your work is hand-drawn, I think you said) that might inspire them to work in a similar drawn way in their projects.
    Nice work.
    Speak to you soon.

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